Monday, July 18, 2011

"Why Aren't We Marching Again?" - A Look Back at Successful Marches vs. Today

The Modern Blog - "Why Aren't We Marching Again?"

Since Mahatma Gandhi marched to the sea to make salt, ultimately bringing down British Colonialism and making India an independent country, and MLK later marched to Selma, Birmingham, Montgomery and D.C. with ordinary poor people, all colors, faiths, arms linked, winning Civil Rights for Blacks; and, the current 'Arab Spring' in the Middle East showing non-violent protests (i.e., Egypt), including sit-ins, causing major shifts in governance...
Our question is, with the Events of today in America with all of the Middle Class's base thrown up for grabs, with social and moral values and economic wealth shifting decidedly upwards, with wars continuing unabated, including nuclear proliferation - 'Why Aren't We Marching Again?"

Where is the Moral Ground, today, for enacting non-violent, peaceful change? Does it lie within the 3 Abrahamic religions united arm-in-arm in protest? (as is portrayed in 1967-69, and again in '88, in "Godman"?)

So far, some interesting responses from those who DID march. One Selma marcher believes marching to be ineffective today. What is your viewpoint?  Please add your voice to the mesh. Add your Blog entry, below.

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